B is for Bryce

In case you were wondering about my title, Bryce is the name of my godson that should be arriving in a couple of weeks. Super excited and I can't wait until he gets here! Yesterday was his shower and this is the outfit I decided to wear....

Top:H&M// Jeans: American Apparel// Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Peplum tops are one of my favorite trends to wear, not only is it super girly and chic it draws attentions to waist and creates the illusion of fuller hips. While some may say this is a bad thing, I personally don't and I love flaunting my hips every chance I get. The color and pattern of this particular top is the reason I fell in love, Its really vibrant and the texture of the top is amazing.

If your planning on rocking a peplum top pair it with a slim fitting bottom, pencil skirt, skinny jeans/ trousers and always remember have fun!



Shirt: Gracia | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Steve Madden

   Birthdays are usually a pretty big deal in my family. This year, one important member was missing and although it was glum it made me really appreciate the time I got to spend with them, how important they are and never take them for granted. Often times, its not until you celebrate an occasion without a family member when you realize how much they really mean to you. I'm not only grateful for another year of my life but for the twenty-three I got to spend with her.


Royal Blue.

Every time I wear this skirt I feel like twirling.... So expect a few silly photos below. So, I've been cleaning out my closet and I have a couple of pieces that I haven't been wearing that much... time for them to be put in heavy rotation. This sequin houndstooth top & skirt are one of these pieces. I wore this outfit to a presentation they had at church Sunday evening.....I really love how the weather is starting to warm up. Better days are in fact coming.

Jacket: Love 21| Shirt: Asos| Skirt: American Apparel| Shoes: Candela  Rings: F21


Sunday Best

It's been a busy yet productive week and I finally get to show you guys what I wore to church on Sunday. I must admit, I haven't been in ages but my friend Sarah was singing so attending was a must. I decided to give my ombre sweater another spin, as the warm weather is quickly approaching.

I must say, although this sweater is beautiful it sheds ALOT! I literally have to walk around with a lint brush... NO jokes. I also find that if you give it a once over with a lint brush before you wear it, its less of a pain. I bought this skirt from H&M like three years ago and totally forgot about it! Another reaffirmation of how much I love bows. Well.. It's Wednesday and my mom cooked soo off to spend some time with the family.
                                          Is anyone else counting down to Marni x H&M??


Taking Chances...

The awesome thing about this sweater is the fact that you can dress it up or down (last seen HERE). Hands down one of my best purchases from American Apparel. When I was deciding what to wear with my sweater, I didn't want to do safe... I definitely wanted to take a risk & here is what I came up with. Hope you like!

Sweater: American Apparel | Pants: Zara| Shoes:LAMB Accessories:F21


AirBorne Chic

 Getting dressed for the airport can sometimes be a challenge... you want to be comfortable and still be stylish. I believe in comfort first but that's not an excuse to look like Frumpy Fran, (totally just made that up), Point is...no-one should make their way on or off a plane looking a hot mess! Here are a few tips to achieve a balance.
Make sure to dress in layers. The plane is usually cold so pick an oversized cardigan or grab ur favorite scarf. Wear comfortable shoes, this may differ for each individual, and if you wear sandals don't forget your socks! Oh and DONT forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must for me when I travel. I usually get little to no sleep the night before so not only does it hide the consequences, it doubles as a sleep mask when on-board! Below is my airport look...

Sweater: American Rag| Vest: H&M| Jeans: Hudson| Boots: Steve Madden| Bag: Betsey Johnson


Changing Lanes

Shirt:H&M| Jeans: Urban Outfitters| Cardigan: F21| Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

On Sunday I took my parents bowling, for the first time, at the Brooklyn Bowl. Before we even got there my parents were disgusted by the fact that they had to put on shoes worn by possibly hundreds of other people. After asking the attendant to spray our bowling shoes with extra disinfectant, my parents were ready to experience the game of bowling. After a quick demonstration, choosing our balls; it was game time.... Three rounds later, the person who I thought would suck (my dad) beat us all! Needless to say, he boasted all the way home & dubbed himself the "Bowling King". 
   I wanted to be comfortable for the night so I chose this polkadot peplum top, jeans and added a neon cardigan for pop! This cardigan is super cozy and can u believe it was only 12$?? Awesome.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.... Do you guys have any plans? 
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