AirBorne Chic

 Getting dressed for the airport can sometimes be a challenge... you want to be comfortable and still be stylish. I believe in comfort first but that's not an excuse to look like Frumpy Fran, (totally just made that up), Point is...no-one should make their way on or off a plane looking a hot mess! Here are a few tips to achieve a balance.
Make sure to dress in layers. The plane is usually cold so pick an oversized cardigan or grab ur favorite scarf. Wear comfortable shoes, this may differ for each individual, and if you wear sandals don't forget your socks! Oh and DONT forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses are a must for me when I travel. I usually get little to no sleep the night before so not only does it hide the consequences, it doubles as a sleep mask when on-board! Below is my airport look...

Sweater: American Rag| Vest: H&M| Jeans: Hudson| Boots: Steve Madden| Bag: Betsey Johnson


  1. The cut of that jumper is super slimming. X

  2. Really nice, comfortable outfit for a flight. It's always hard to choose an outfit for when you're going to take a plane, but you did it great!

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady


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