Sunday Best

It's been a busy yet productive week and I finally get to show you guys what I wore to church on Sunday. I must admit, I haven't been in ages but my friend Sarah was singing so attending was a must. I decided to give my ombre sweater another spin, as the warm weather is quickly approaching.

I must say, although this sweater is beautiful it sheds ALOT! I literally have to walk around with a lint brush... NO jokes. I also find that if you give it a once over with a lint brush before you wear it, its less of a pain. I bought this skirt from H&M like three years ago and totally forgot about it! Another reaffirmation of how much I love bows. Well.. It's Wednesday and my mom cooked soo off to spend some time with the family.
                                          Is anyone else counting down to Marni x H&M??


  1. Your hat is awesome and I LOVE your sweater, this is such a great outfit :)

  2. Girl I have a sweater that sheds like that but I can't get rid of it because, like yours, it's just too beautiful! Love your outfit and that skirt is the bizness!

  3. Maybe its because i wont dare to wear that much color,
    but i do prefer the previous post!
    Love your blog!

    xoxo 2NDtheytalk.blogspot.com

  4. Love the colors! :)


  5. Well let the shirt shed if it looks that fab! I love it! The hat is amazing! You know your colors kissy!
    New follower! Love this blog already


  6. Your Outfit is great! I really love your skirt and the sweater goes perfectly with it! Awesome hat!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  7. I LOVE that hat!! You look so glamorous!! Just found your blog and you have great style, I'll definitely be following.




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